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Economic instability is a major barrier for many underrepresented folks working in blacksmithing. SIBs supports and promotes communities with less access to and representation in blacksmithing. This page is a platform for SIBlings to promote and sell their work. 

If you would like to be a SIBs featured maker please submit your information at the bottom of the page! 



Portland Oregon

I Love making sculptural and functional pieces. Working a material as it changes state and shape is almost sacred to me as it is what we do with ourselves. What I make as a smith are pieces of myself.

My first patron ran a shop of almost entirely old wealthy white men. As a young, poor, pan man I was tentatively accepted. I'd love to see blacksmithing made more accessible.
Chloe Greenwood


Baltimore, MD, US

I work in a living museum as a metalsmith and historical interpreter. I work mostly with historic materials using almost entirely hand tools. I primarily make goods for the gift shop, but I'll totally hammer out a sword every once in a while.

As a trans woman in the trades, it's been a challenge to find a place where I feel welcome and accepted. After leaving my background in machining and boilerwork, I found blacksmithing as am outlet for my love of metalwork. I am partially disabled and perpetually broke, but I want to prove that a great metalsmith can come from anywhere and work with even the most minimal resources.

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she/her (preferred) or they/them

Charleston, SC, USA

I was trained in traditional architectural ironwork - and that is where my passion remains, but with an added twist of modern design mixed with the traditional joinery. My full time job is in making hand forged carbon steel cookware- which is fun and challenging in its own way.

I am a young, queer, female, full-time professional blacksmith. Those individual aspects are not terribly underrepresented, but I find that the intersections of some of them are not often represented.

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Derek tanner


Southern California

I mainly focus on practical/ functional items: tools, home goods, rings, the occasional kitchen knife. I like my work to be used and enjoyed rather than just put on display. I do take commissions. Also still working on the website, I’m better with my hands than I am with computers so don’t judge to harshly if you click on my website.
Rashelle Hams


Portland Oregon

I enjoy teaching blacksmithing and bladesmithing. I really like making tools and tooling to make more tools and historical stuff.

Part of the LGBTQ community (I ain't straight!), veteran, pagan.
Haley arbour


Nelson BC

I'm currently obsessed with kitchenware. if you can cook food with it, I want to make it!

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Jennifer Petrila


Rutland, MA

All facets of blacksmtihing. Specialized in Hardware but background in forging all types of items.

General Blacksmithing and a womens importance in history.

No Website
Quim Kamikaze


Oslo, Norway

Queer indig nb Blacksmith. Sometimes antisocial allways antifascist

Queerness, gender diversely and indigenous perspectives
Chris Lucibella


Denver, CO

Hi I'm Chris! I'm a trans woman blacksmith/metalsmith/sculptor working out of my studio near Denver, Colorado. I spend my time working on commissions/architectural ironwork, sculpture, and jewelry. I also teach welding and blacksmithing classes.

I'm a trans, queer blacksmith. There are dozens of us!
Becca Cerra


Minneapolis, MN

Becca Cerra provides one-of-a-kind creations that combine traditional craft practices with contemporary art-making approaches to imagine something truly unique and memorable. Becca currently works in two realms: conceptual art and functional sculpture. She teaches blacksmithing and welding classes at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center and is eager to continue expanding her offerings.
Nathan Zimmerman


Milwaukee, WI

My favorite things to make are forged Chef Knives, and Fantasy weapons. Currently I am working through a list of custom orders from chefs all over the midwest! I also love Rock Climbing, and am a member of the Queer Climbing Collective here in Milwaukee!

I'm a cis - white - masculine presenting male, who is bi/pansexual. Often in the knifemaking community people assume I am straight, and thus use discriminatory or abhorrent (really obnoxious things sometimes) language around me, assuming that I am part of the "boys club" that we often see in smithing. I'd like to see the language and culture change, so that folks aren't given a bad image of smithing because of a few assholes who don't think of the effect their speech has on others, or who think they can say whatever they like without consequences.
Leo Blackburn


British Columbia

I like to make functional art and tools. I also want to empower marginalized people by sharing my knowledge with them.

I am a non binary metal artist. Metal arts saved my life and empowered me. I want to give back, and help QTBIPOC, drug addicts, sex workers and femmes feel talented and important, because I believe in them. I think art and knowledge are the fabrics that hold our society together. My ultimate dream is to acquire a space that would offer a variety of workshops, community, and information. I am more interested in this than becoming an artist as an individual. I like working and creating with a team.

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