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personal shops

Below is a list of individual shops that have signed on to the SIBs code of conduct and are committed to building a supportive, equitable, and inclusive community .  

If you would like your shop to be on this list, just click the button to take a look at the code of conduct, and sign on! 

code of conduct

Bones of the Giant

Greeley, Colorado

Handcrafted jewelry and trinkets by Nicolas Osborne (they/them).

Rose and Thorn

Lakeville Massachusetts

The personal shop and work of Ken Sutcliffe (he/him)

Ferrum Artifex

Austin Texas

The personal shop and work of Shannon Janes (he/him).

Eco Forge

London, England

"Sustainable bespoke blacksmith in the heart of London." Run by Emilia Orving (she/her).

KjellmanChapin Smeder AS

Nes Verk, Norway

The personal work of Monica Kjellman-Chapin (she/her).

Leechtown Blacksmith Co

Vancouver Island BC Canada

Blacksmith shop run by Ryan Fogarty (he/him) “Leechtown creates culinary tools and cookware to enhance your connection with food.”

Dark State Forge

Peabody, Massechusets

The personal work and shop of Jason Figueiredo (he/him)

Hunter Metal Designs Inc.

Santa Cruz, California

The personal work of metal sculptor Rigel Hunter (he/him)

Nokke Steel


The personal shop and work of Patrick Beck (he/him). One of the founders of Blacksmiths Without Borders

Studio Migoto

San Diego California

The art of jeweler and metalworker Bette Barnett (she/her).

Innovation Forge

Berthoud Colorado

A Colorado blacksmith studio producing high quality and innovative designs from hot forged metal. Run by Otto Engel (he/him).

Hardway Workshop

Richmond, Virginia

The personal shop of Madeline Ivey (they/them).

Freedom Forge

Santa Cruz California

The professional workshop and business of Kirk McNeill (he/him)

Selena Glass and Metal

Burnsville North Carolina

"Deana and Chuck have been working together for over 38 years and we cannot think of making work without the other’s involvement...Deana started her full time stained glass studio practice in 1978, Chuck joined her in 1984 and over the years we have melded into one...our current body of work has added outdoor sculpture, gates, and small scale sculpture. Our vision is to make work for ourselves and clients that reflect the wonder and joy we find in the everyday."

Downing Arts

Topsham Maine

"Nicholas K. Downing (he/him/his) is a full-time blacksmith and jeweler...He makes everything from simple wall hooks and bottle openers to kitchen utensils, fine wood working tools, knives, and decorative work like hardware, gates and sculpture." (not currently available for lessons, classes or in-person meetings)

Seven Metals

New Orleans, Louisiana

The personal shop of Sachi Nasatir (they).

Cairn's Metal Design

Hereford, England

The personal work of Joseph Cairns-Doran (he/him).

The People's Perch

East Baldwin, Maine

A location with a community garden, pay it forward cafe, a more! "We are transforming a water tower and it’s property into a creative palace where life can grow, perch, explore and unite."

Ash Lester Studio

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Artistry of Ash Lester (she/her)

Vagabond Metalworks

The Hills of Western Massachusetts

The personal shop of Kest Schwartzman (they/them).

Walrus Steel

Burlington Vermont

The personal shop and work of Nate Walpole (he/him).

Kfuhrmann Forge

Mt. Olive, Illinois

The personal shop and work of Kyle Fuhrmann (he/him).

Historical George Ranch Association

Houston, Texas

Kathryn Richardson (she/her) is the blacksmith on site for the Historical George Ranch Association.

Smithworks Iron & Design (shop) Tradeswork (nonprofit)

Decatur Georgia

Custom blacksmith shop run by Jason Smith (he/him). "His private works for home and commercial use are a varied assortment of functional structures that captivate any space...He is part craftsman and part artist and a complete master at his work. He also loves sharing his craft with his community. He regularly holds classes for all ages to introduce and train kids and adults in the ancient art.


Chattanooga Tennessee

The personal shop of artist, bladesmith, woodworker, etc Melinda Brown (she/her).

Sharxbyte Forge

Rocklin California

The personal shop of Alexander Leslie (he/him).

Downing Arts

Topsham, Maine

The work of blacksmith, jeweler, and custom metalsmith Nicholas Downing (he/him).

gokul bakshi

New Paltz, New York

The personal work of sculptor, jeweler, and metalsmith gokul bakshi (he/him).

Whitewater Forge

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

The personal shop of Mike Whitmore (he/him).

Lydia Martin

Little Rock Arkansas

Lydia Martin (She/her) is a contemporary jeweler living, working, and teaching in Little Rock, AR. Her work, built upon the foundations of technical skill, is an exploration of material skill, surface, line, and movement. She currently heads the jewelry and metalsmithing program at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Black Rose Steelworks

Salem Oregon

The personal shop of Vivienne Cypress (it/its).


Bellingham Washington

The personal shop and business of Grace Douglas (she/her). "Small herbal apothecary and blacksmith"

LHL Blades

Tucson Arizona

The personal shop of Logan Lichtenhan (he/him). "I make hand crafted and forged work from raw materials, this includes Blades of all types as well as utensils and other household item such as hooks for hanging things and drawer pulls etc."

Past Lives Metal Shop

Portland, Oregon

Past Lives is a 26,000 sq. ft. makerspace providing members 24/7/365 secure access to a wood shop, metal shop with blacksmithing, welding fabrication, and metal casting; textiles studio with screen printing, auto-embroidery and leather working; stained glass studio, tech hub with CNC and 3D printing; dark room for film and photography, and more!

Nate Weiss Metalsmith LLC

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Nate Weiss (he/him/his) "is a seasoned professional metalsmith with a broad range of experience - from architectural ironwork to goldsmithing...[his] aim is to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces that are intended to be used, cherished, and handed down."

Tiny Diny Forge


The personal shop of Daniel Griffith (he/him).

Arcburn Furniture

Reading, Pennsylvania

The personal work of Sophie Glenn (she/her) "Sophie is a metalworker and furniture maker currently based in Reading, PA. She makes classic furniture designs recreated out of steel to give voice to women in both the woodworking and metal fields, and she utilizes steel in the making of her work to explicitly expand upon the materials that are considered to be part of the fine furniture making field."

Flag Mountain Studio

North Carolina

The artistic practice of Angela Eastman (she/her)

Iron Grove Forge


Personal shop of Thomas Cosgrove (he/him). "We specialize in re-purposing materials to create functional, practical tools and art. We hammer out historical metalwork as well as using more modern techniques."

Alexandra Rose

Birmingham, Alabama

The personal work of Alexandra Rose Weaver (they/them/theirs), currently an artist in residence at Sloss Metal Arts

Thomas Kelly

Sydney, Australia

The personal shop and work of Thomas Kelly (he/him).

Wilderness Ironworks


The personal shop and work of Robert Burns (he/him).

IronAngel Forge and Design

Hart, Michigan, USA

A shop run by J. Griswold (he/him/they), "Artist, Blacksmith, Crossboyer Art Nouveau works - We make weird stuff."

Anton Yakushev Designs

Bend Oregon

The personal work of artist blacksmith Anton Yakushev (he/him).

Artis Forge

Breadsprings, Navajo Nation

The personal shop and work of Cody Artis (He/him/they)

Heartwood Forge

East Tennessee

The personal shop of Will Manning (he/him). Forging “…carbon steel kitchen knives using found and recycled materials that will grace your kitchen for generations.”

Catherine Wuertz

Southern California

The personal work of Catherine Wuertz (she/her)

Tesoro handmade

Long Beach California

The personal work of Cynthia Arroyo (she/her)

KCJ Szwedzinski

Seattle, Washington

The art of KCJ Szwedzinski (She/her).

Ferrous Fox Studio

Salt Spring Island BC, Canada

The personal shop of artist, metalworker and blacksmith Kate Ford (she/her)

Cuprum Forge

Charlotte North Carolina

Cuprum Forge is the hobby of Martin Foil (he/him), metal artist - blacksmithing and jewelry.

Iron Wolf Forge

Lancaster Pennsylvania

The personal shop and business of Timothy Rosenberg (he/him) "After over 20 years working in cyber security, I’m embarking on a new journey – following my passion for creating functional works of art out of metal, wood, and leather."

The Prickly Thistle

Decatur, Illinois

Arts and crafts store and personal blacksmith shop run by Scott Davidson (he/him)

Southern Cross Creations

Hodges, South Carolina

The personal shop of Jim Looper(he/him)

Pyrus ironworks

Salisbury North Carolina

The personal shop of Stephanie Ellis (she/her).

Forged by Thor

New Gloucester, Maine, USA

The personal shop of Tony Stanley (he/him). "...I enjoy creating useful everyday items. Whether it’s a coat hook, fire poker, or plant hanger, I’m creating something that’s functional...For me, knowing what I make has a purpose and will be used every day gives me a sense of pride."

People's Inclusive Welding

South Portland Maine

"Offering a safe and supportive environment for underserved and underrepresented communities to learn the skilled trade of welding"


Portland Maine

"We are a sharpening service and culinary knife and kitchenware shop in Portland, Maine. In our shop you'll find a handpicked selection of our favorite culinary knives from around the world. With a focus on sourcing quality steels produced on a small scale, we carry knives for all skill levels and budgets. We also work with craftspeople all over the world to feature the highest quality kitchen tools and accessories we can find."

Kim Stahl Designs

St. Louis, Missouri

The personal shop of Kim Stahl (She/Hers).

Justin O'Rourke

Salem, New York

The personal shop of Justin O'Rourke (he/him)

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