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personal shops

Below is a list of individual shops that have signed on to the SIBs code of conduct and are committed to building a supportive, equitable, and inclusive community .  

If you would like your shop to be on this list, just click the button to take a look at the code of conduct, and sign on! 

code of conduct

Southern Cross Creations

Hodges, South Carolina

The personal shop of Jim Looper(he/him)

Pyrus ironworks

Salisbury North Carolina

The personal shop of Stephanie Ellis (she/her).

Forged by Thor

New Gloucester, Maine, USA

The personal shop of Tony Stanley (he/him). "...I enjoy creating useful everyday items. Whether it’s a coat hook, fire poker, or plant hanger, I’m creating something that’s functional...For me, knowing what I make has a purpose and will be used every day gives me a sense of pride."

People's Inclusive Welding

South Portland Maine

"Offering a safe and supportive environment for underserved and underrepresented communities to learn the skilled trade of welding"


Portland Maine

"We are a sharpening service and culinary knife and kitchenware shop in Portland, Maine. In our shop you'll find a handpicked selection of our favorite culinary knives from around the world. With a focus on sourcing quality steels produced on a small scale, we carry knives for all skill levels and budgets. We also work with craftspeople all over the world to feature the highest quality kitchen tools and accessories we can find."

Kim Stahl Designs

St. Louis, Missouri

The personal shop of Kim Stahl (She/Hers).

Justin O'Rourke

Salem, New York

The personal shop of Justin O'Rourke (he/him)

Metalwork By Meola

Berthoud Colorado

The personal shop of Akiva Meola (he/him).

Barred Owl Forge

New Hampshire

The personal shop of Joshua Jones (he/him, they/them)

Germs metalworks

Falling Waters West Virginia

The personal shop of Jeremiah Logan (he/him).

Tulsi Leathers

Port Townsend, Washington

The personal crafts workshop of Tulsi (she/her).

Astral Forge

Anaheim California

The personal shop of Gil Ramirez (he/him).

Loren Brockmueller

Ohio, USA

The personal shop of Loren Brockmueller (he/him).

Auraria Sculpture Studio


The studio of Walter Ware (he/him).

Deer Run Forge

Burlington Ontario Canada

The personal work and shop of Andrew Cirtwill (he/him)

Flag Mountain Studio

North Carolina

The shop of Angela Eastman (she/her)

Dana St. Amand Co

Burbank California

Dana (she/her) is an artisan blacksmith and bladesmith located in Los Angeles California.

Artificer's Anvil

Brisbane, Australia

The work of Alex Wixted (he/him/they).

Black Birds Roost/Ptarmigan Ptools

Duluth Minnesota

"Hi, I’m Amir [he/they] and welcome to the roost – my little place to share my ideas, experiences, and experiments. I’ve been a park ranger, guide, and outfitter and now I’m using my experience to increase the representation of minorities by addressing the barriers that hold us back."

Hammerstar Forge

Eugene Oregon

The personal shop and work of Steven McAllister (he/him).

Downing Arts


"Nicholas K. Downing (he/him/his) is a full-time blacksmith and jeweler...He makes everything from simple wall hooks and bottle openers to kitchen utensils, fine wood working tools, knives, and decorative work like hardware, gates and sculpture." (not currently available for lessons, classes or in-person meetings)

Seven Metals

New Orleans, Louisiana

The personal shop of Sachi Nasatir (they).

Cairn's Metal Design

Hereford, England

The personal work of Joseph Cairns-Doran (he/him).

The People's Perch

East Baldwin, Maine

A location with a community garden, pay it forward cafe, a more! "We are transforming a water tower and it’s property into a creative palace where life can grow, perch, explore and unite."

Ash Lester Studio

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Artistry of Ash Lester (she/her)

Vagabond Metalworks

The Hills of Western Massachusetts

The personal shop of Kest Schwartzman (they/them).

Bill Price Metal Arts

Memphis Tennessee

The personal shop of Bill Price (he/him) sculptor, educator, metalsmith.

Lazzell Blacksmithing

Silver City, New Mexico

The personal shop of Abel Lazzell (he/him)

Heartwood Forge

East Tennessee

The personal shop of Will Manning (He/him). Hand forged blades, mostly salvaged materials.

Project Happy Life, LLC

Brooklyn, New York

"Projects related to green roof gardening, woodworking, sustainability, restoring our old house, and all sorts of other happy stuff." By Lory Henning (she/they).

LP Services Inc

Rutland Maine

Shop run by Jennifer Petrila (she/her). "We are a multi trades entity specializing in: Metal Forgings, metal fabrication, bicycle part and frame building, and Farrier services specializing in Barefoot hoof care."

Chokecherry Forge

Wilkie Saskatchewan, Canada

The personal shop of James Gerlinsky (him).

Outlier Metal Arts

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The personal shop of Dan O'Brien (he/him). "I strive to create an experience with metal that is unexpectedly organic, incorporating natural asymmetry and playing with entropic states.

Cyano Blue Bamboo

Poquoson, Virginia, USA

The studio of Sarah Thompson (she/her).

Soma Metalwork


The personal shop and work of Kiran Chapman (he/they) "I strive to make long-lasting objects that channel the traditional blacksmithing techniques I’ve learned through a unified aesthetic, creating functional and accessible products."

Leah Aripotch Studios

Oakland California

Hand forged and welded metal sculptures by Leah Aripotch (she/her).

Dr. Mekah Gordon (she/her)

Santa Fe New Mexico

Gold & Silversmith-Metalsmith Studio & Educational Center


Houston Texas

The work of metalsmith Younha Jung (she/her)

Guns to Gardens Metro Denver

Denver, Colorado

"A grassroots community of faith working to reduce gun violence in the Denver Metro area by dismantling guns & forging the parts into life-giving tools"

Warfire forge

Sylva, North Carolina

The personal shop and work of Brock Martin (he/him)

Nate Weiss Metalsmith LLC

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Nate Weiss (he/him/his) "is a seasoned professional metalsmith with a broad range of experience - from architectural ironwork to goldsmithing...[his] aim is to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces that are intended to be used, cherished, and handed down."

Tiny Diny Forge


The personal shop of Daniel Griffith (he/him).

Arcburn Furniture

Reading, Pennsylvania

The personal work of Sophie Glenn (she/her) "Sophie is a metalworker and furniture maker currently based in Reading, PA. She makes classic furniture designs recreated out of steel to give voice to women in both the woodworking and metal fields, and she utilizes steel in the making of her work to explicitly expand upon the materials that are considered to be part of the fine furniture making field."

Flag Mountain Studio

North Carolina

The artistic practice of Angela Eastman (she/her)

Iron Grove Forge


Personal shop of Thomas Cosgrove (he/him). "We specialize in re-purposing materials to create functional, practical tools and art. We hammer out historical metalwork as well as using more modern techniques."

Alexandra Rose

Birmingham, Alabama

The personal work of Alexandra Rose Weaver (they/them/theirs), currently an artist in residence at Sloss Metal Arts

Maria Cristalli

Cle Elum Washington

The personal shop of Maria Cristalli (she/her)

DeWall’s Forge LLC

Big Rapids Michigan

DeWall's Forge is a multi faceted company which seeks to advance fine craftsmanship and art. From blacksmithing to woodworking, leather-craft, painting, woodburning, pottery and beyond, DeWall's Forge creates customized projects, restores old pieces, and makes beautiful works of art.

Craig's Home Workshop

Knoxville, Tennessee

Personal shop of Craig Stuesse (he/him)

Mark Gilsdorf-artist blacksmith

Cincinnati, Ohio

Personal shop of Mark Gilsdorf (he/him). "I caught the "metal bug" in 2007 in a metal sculpture class at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Since then my obsession with transforming iron into lively, useful artwork has only deepened. In 2013 I started taking on more commission work and wandering down the path of working fulltime as an Artist-Blacksmith."

Little Death Leather Co

Washington State

Handcrafted leather goods for all bodies

Stone Heart Forge

Woodbridge Virginia

Personal shop of Marnie Dollinger (she/they), blacksmith, broomsquire, and flintknapper

Jack Pines Blacksmithing

South Seattle, Washington, USA

The personal shop of Jack Pines (he/him).

Studio23 metalworks LLC

Olympia Washington

The shop of blacksmith/metalworker Kelly Rigg (he/him)

Adam's Forge

Simi Valley, California

"Adam’s Forge is breathing life into an ancient craft. The preservation of this universal craft continues to unite people at Adam’s Forge, which maintains a safe and supportive workspace in Simi Valley for people of diverse cultures, races, and religions, regardless of their age-level, gender identities, sexual preferences, economic or social backgrounds, formal or informal schooling.

The Blacksmith Shop

Seattle Washington

The Blacksmith Shop is run by Tabasco Mills (he/him). "Using old world blacksmithing techniques for modern day applications we create metal art that is beautiful, functional and one-of-a-kind. The shop creates one of a kind pieces as well as a wide range of product which is available for retail and wholesale."

Old Door Forge

Brown Summit, North Carolina

The work of Gilliam Hill (he/him). "Old Door Forge creates custom iron works, and is veteran owned and operated."

Wild Vitality

Bellingham Washington

A "Small herbal apothecary and blacksmith" run by Grace Douglas (she/her)

Bear Iron

Cottage Grove, Oregon

The personal shop and work of Elena Little (she/her).

Christopher Liu


A contemporary artist and metalsmith

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