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Money to Burn

Every month two names are drawn to receive this grant of $50 each for blacksmithing related expenses. All SIBlings are eligible to apply. To become a SIBling simply sign the Code of Conduct. 


If you do receive this grant please don't apply again for 3 months to make sure everyone has an opportunity. If you have received more than $100 from SIBs this year you are not eligible to apply.

SIBs is committed to promoting equity and increasing diversity in the field of blacksmithing by providing support for BIPOC, MENA, AAPI, and LGBTQIA+ folks, women, people with disabilities, and all who have historically been marginalized in this field. We encourage you to consider your needs and your privilege before you apply for this mini grant. Thank you! 

Drawings take place on the 29th of every month, recipients will be notified via email.

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