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Queer+Metals project updates

{Queer} + {Metals} is a curatorial project of SIBs friend Rebekah Frank. Check out these updates, and be sure to take a look at the original project on her website and instagram if you haven't already!

Hello there!

Things are happening in the {Queer} + {Metals} project. I wanted to keep you in the loop: November 12, 2022 – April 2, 2023 A new iteration of the {Queer} + {Metals} exhibition will show at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) in Birmingham, UK. The exhibition will be on view in the Community Gallery at MAC at the same time as Grayson Perry's Art Club Exhibition. There are a few new people from the project being included in this physical iteration: Mark Newman and Roxanne Simon. Yay! November 14 – 20, 2022 I'll moderate a panel about the [queerphoria] exhibition during NYC Jewelry Week. It will be pre-recorded so you can watch at your leisure anytime, anywhere in the world during NYCJW. Thanks to Tracey, Sol, and SULO of Queer Metalsmiths for the invitation. February 2, 2023 Next year, Craftspace, the instigating organization for the {Queer} + {Metals} project, will host a panel about the project during Britain's LGBTQIA+ History Month. Keep an eye on @Queer.Art.Words for the time and link. Spring 2023 Right now, I'm transcribing the {Queer} + {Metals} video interviews to feature in a Statement of Practice – an informal essay from a maker's perspective. This new essay will be included in the Spring Issue of The Journal of Modern Craft.

Last, the original {Queer} + {Metals} article was translated to German and republished in Hephaistos. The pdf is attached. If you'd like to purchase a physical copy contact the magazine directly:

Once again, thanks for your participation in this endeavor and for being your uniquely beautiful version of queer.

Gratefully yours,

Rebekah Frank

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