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Governance Comittee

Our purpose is to help the organization reach its full potential. This may sound simple, but it’s quite complex. We meet online to discuss the current projects SIBs is working on and develop plans for the future. Everything we do is about building a supportive, inclusive, and healthy community of people who love blacksmithing. You can click our pictures to read more about each of us!

Governance committee Pledge

We, the members of the governance committee pledge to do the following: 


  • Strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion in this committee 

  • Always uphold the SIBs Code of Conduct  

  • Be aware of our own positionalities and how they might affect our decisions and limit our own experiences

  • Acknowledge if we make a mistake, take responsibility, and make any necessary changes

  • Avoid any conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise 

  • Always remember that this society is about community, not us as individuals


Yours always and with big love to you all, 

Lisa Geertsen, Anne Bujold, Rachel David, Joy Fire 

If you are interested in being part of the organizing, please get in touch by emailing

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