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forged steel joinery

© Michelle Smith Lewis

The Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths is committed to building equity and diversity in the field of blacksmithing. We offer mentorship, scholarships, grants, and connections to educational and other resources. Our goal is to empower and support our community while reducing the social and economic barriers to participation in this field.

become a sibling

There is no membership to the society and no fees to join. Anyone who signs the SIBs Code of Conduct is a "SIBling" and part of the family!

Two hands reach down to hold a forged piece of metal. One hand holds chalk to mark the metal
Two clenched hands on a black background with small metal tools between each knuckle.


SIBs believes in the power and effectiveness of stories. When we hear someone’s direct experience we can empathise with them, and learn how to be better friends and SIBlings.​

Everyone has something to offer, everyone has something to learn.

Welcome to the Society!

An anvil with a hot piece of metal on it. A pair of hands holding the metal, another swing a hammer
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